Monday, June 6, 2011


Segovia was pretty awesome! We got to see the aqueduct and the Alcazar of Segovia (literally Segovia castle). We got up early and took a bus to Segovia. I slept most of the time but when I wasn't sleeping it was nice to see grass, since we were driving through the country. I've only seen grass one other time since I've been here in the city.

We got there and the students had just finished finals or something and were all drinking in the streets at like 10am chanting "USA, USA" at us. They gave us 45 minutes to get something to eat so we all went to this little cafe and literally cleared this guy out of every pastry he had made that morning. I bet he usually gets tops like 30 customers a day or something and we fit like 50 people in there at once.

They split us into groups for our tours. Since I'm in art history we got an art professor with an EXTREMELY easy accent (score!) named Rafa. He was a funny guy and very knowledgeable about everything in Segovia. As we toured the castle he explained the history of the paintings and little tid bits about all the rooms.

After the tour we had a few hours to walk around and do whatever we want. We went to the town square where they had some sort of party going on. There was a band playing and families walking around and stuff. We went the top of the Aqueduct and it was a pretty cool view (no picture, sorry). Then back on the bus and went home.

Sunday afternoon we went to the Rastro. Its basically a flea market times a hundred in Madrid. Its a huge place for pick pocketers so I left everything at home except for like six euro in change which I put in my front pocket. You can barter with the merchants but I ended up not buying anything.

Sunday night we went to a charity soccer (futbol) game for Africa. Real Madrid vs Munich. The game was played by retired players from both teams. Tickets were ten euro which was awesome! Madrid ended up winning like 8 to 3 and there were two own goals and one guy scored with a bicycle kick. I can see why soccer is so popular here, even with the retired players, the game is immensely more interesting than any games I've watched in the states. Another side note here is they only sell non-alcoholic beer in the stadium.

By the way, Moyukh, if your reading this, this concludes post #5. You owe me a Qdoba burrito (we had a bet about whether or not I would actually blog).

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