Thursday, June 2, 2011


This post is called food because its all I think about. The food here is awesome but you only get to eat three times a day. They don't snack, ever. I'm used to eating all day so this has been an adjustment. Since we have all the time in the world to eat during meals I try to get "thanksgiving" full each time to hold me over.

Also, I walk up hill to school both ways. Or at least I can if I get lost, depends on which metro stop we take, took us a few days to figure that out. If we take the correct way home we still have to climb this long hill which we have aptly named "la montaña" (the mountain).

Teresa also has a friend who is frequently at our apartment, his name is Juan Carlos. We call him Don Juan (not to his face). He is from Argentina as well and about Teresa's age. He is a pretty smart guy and is always telling us "fun facts" about Spain and Nebrija. He can also be incredibly sarcastic. Its funny, but hard to catch because its usually in what he says and not how he says it, so we don't always understand. He also speaks better english than Teresa and acts as a walking talking dictionary for us. He asks us for the english translation of a lot words as well.

Today was our first class at the Museo Del Prado. We learned about the symbolism and story behind some of the paintings of El Greco. He has a potrait that looks like one of my roommates, other than that not much to tell. You can see why I'm not an art major. The class is pretty interesting though.

After that Jake and I tried going to the bank to exchange our cash for euros. We went to the Bank of Spain, and were told we could not exchange there. Then tried the Spanish Treasury on the off chance they might do it, and they told us to go to the Bank of Spain. We went back to the bank and the same police man saw us and immediately cut us off. Pretty sure the policeman was lying to us but I can't argue as well in spanish as I can in english so we're going to have to figure something else out. In hindsight I should have just taken large amounts out of the ATM.

We're going to Segovia this weekend and either Portugal/London the next. The Barcelona trip is planned for June 23rd hopefully and we have a soccer game this Sunday.

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