Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The "Cultural Differences" Blog Post

Let me preface this post by saying that I am thoroughly enjoying it here. I also appreciate the cultural differences between the United States and Spain. There are just some things about this trip that really make me laugh. So without further adieu leave your "political correctness" at the door and lets have a short discussion about the differences between bathrooms in Spain and 'MERICA.

Public Restrooms - They are non-existent. The only two places in this whole country where I am ABSOLUTELY positive I can go to the bathroom are at my apartment and at school. There are not always bathrooms in restaurants and if they catch you going they'll probably ask you to buy something.

Metro (Bathroom Related) - I would like to share with you some quick facts I took from the Madrid Metro Wikipedia Page:

6th Largest Metro in the World
Number of Lines - 13
Number of Stations - 272
Ridership - 627 million people a year

There is not ONE SINGLE BATHROOM in any of the stations. 627 million people a year do not go to the bathroom at metro stations. This metro was built in 1919 and has been continually upgraded since. Not once did anyone ever add a bathroom. Where do the metro train operators go when they have to "Go"?

Every time we leave our apartment we ask each other "Did you go to the bathroom yet?".

I haven't seen anyone do it but I wonder if public urination is a problem for the Spanish police?

Bathrooms in private residences are just as you would expect, usually slightly smaller. They do have one interesting difference though: the light switch is usually on the outside of the bathroom.

-Incredibly confusing when I go to the bathroom at night
-Basically begs you to abuse it while your friends are "dropping the kids off at the pool".

Jeans - No words. They are just weird here. Weird zippers, tons of pockets. Its interesting. I tried to find an example in Google Images but came up empty.

Thats all for now.

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